The SEIP®-360 is a great tool for gathering the perceptions of everyone around an individual regarding that individual’s social and emotional intelligence.

It provides an accurate representation of what an individual’s supervisor, peers, direct reports, customers (internal and external) and others think about an individual’s performance in the 26 distinct social and emotional intelligence competencies.

Three open-ended questions are also included where respondents may provide additional information on the person’s strengths and development needs.

The SEIP®-360 comes complete with an Individual Development Plan (IDP) template built in that the individual can use to begin planning for the changes he / she intends to make based on the increased awareness of how others perceive him / her, and the impact he or she is having on the people around them.

The report also provides an in-depth view of each of the 26 competencies, what it looks like in behavioral terms when they are present and when they are lacking, as well as a set of development tips for each competency.